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Cruising Against Cancer

A Celebration of Life Through Therapy At Sea


Do you know someone who has been treated for some form of cancer? Do you believe they desperately need a vacation? Perhaps it’s someone in your very own family.

If you would like to apply, nominate a family member, or someone else you know, go to our website, download the application, complete it and send it back to us. The Cruising Against Cancer team could be coming to pick you up!


Cruising Against Cancer is here to provide hope and support for those who are battling with the many forms of this dreaded disease. We provide an avenue to shar­ing happiness, inspiring hope, and pursuing the joy that is available to each of us regardless of our circumstanc­es. We gain strength through helping others.


Your donation goes a long way to help families take their minds off of what may be a very diffi­cult time, so they can enjoy life in the present and create memories with family and friends that will last forever.

For the cancer fighter and 3 additional family members of their choice, we create a first-class experience, including limousine transportation, first-class air travel, on-board celebrations, gifts, excursions, and more – at no cost to them.

Par 3 Hole in One – Win A Car

Shotgun Start

Captains Choice

Closest to the Pin


$1000 in Prizes and Giveaways

Join Us On Our Next Cruise

Throughout the year, we host cruises that generate from our headquarters on the east coast in Fayetteville, North Carolina; and our west coast office in San Diego, California. On each of our cruises, we invite the entire nation to celebrate with us on the seas of the world.