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About CAC

Cruising Against Cancer (CAC) is a non-profit organiza­tion whose primary goal is to raise funds for cancer research and provide vacation cruises for cancer fighters, survivors and their immediate families. We present these cruise vacations to selected families to pull them away from the grueling day-to-day battle with cancer, so they can enjoy life right now. These 5-star va­cations are designed to celebrate life and create memo­ries of family and friends that will last forever. This first-class experience is absolutely free for the chosen applicant and 3 of their family members or friends (4 people in total). From the time they leave home, reach the cruise ship, and return back home, these families will receive the best life has to offer.

Cruising Against Cancer is here to provide hope and support for those who are battling with the many forms of this dreaded disease. We provide an avenue to shar­ing happiness, inspiring hope, and pursuing the joy that is available to each of us regardless of our circumstanc­es. We gain strength through helping others.